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Catch a Crab - 2
Rating: G
It's that time again! Four days of holiday which you will spend in the village with your grandma! Your aim will be to make as much money as possible in these four days by catching crabs and doing other stuff.
Powerfox V.3
Rating: PG13
The third version of the powerfox games with new tons of new weapons and different levels of war.
Powerfox V.2
Rating: PG13
Wacky action abounds in this original flash action fighting game.
Aggressive Alpine Skiing
Rating: G
Hit the slopes in this fast paces action packed winter adventure game. Avoid hazardous objects in your way and make it down the hill safely.
Streets Of Fire
Rating: PG
Run around the streets as a hot flame causing fire and chaos!
Bullriding Explosive
Rating: G
Grab your cowboy hat and enjoy a wild, adrenaline rush of a game!
Sandwich Maker Game
Rating: G
Prepare as many sandwiches as you can within the time limit.
Car In Air
Rating: G
Drive your car as far as you can avoiding various obstacles and collecting power ups.
Wrecking Ball
Rating: G
Help Homer Simpson save his family from police quarantine by using the first thing at hand - a wrecking ball.
Ball Of Death
Rating: G
Help Homer Simpson collect objects riding his motorcycle in the deathball.

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